News Article: Charismatics Alive and Well on Long Island

This article was originally published in 1975 in the New York Times.  In the article, Jack Hickman claims that they are not charismatics, yet the New York Times interviews him because they are doing the same practices as other Pentecostal Christians.  The only difference is that Jack is adding special cult touches to St. John’s Pentecostal Lutheran Church.

At the time, Jack and L. started performing tons of exorcisms and the members were doing the speaking in tongues performance regularly.

I am posting this article to help document the history of this doomsday cult.  I will later write a few articles that describe their past history and where they are presently.

Charismatics Alive and Well on LI

News Article: The Jews for Jesus (and the others too) are out to get your kids

This is an article that was published in 1977 before some of the larger scandals broke.  I would like to point out that even at that point, Lutheran clergymen in the article mention that Jack Hickman used “severe manipulation . . . sometimes leading to pyschological disorder” among those who laid their trust in him.

Jack Hickman always controlled the cult through his favorite tool, fear.  The easiest way to manipulate your followers is to make them afraid and tell them that they only way they will be safe is to do what you tell them to do.  To this day the cult members are controlled through the use of fear.  In upcoming posts I will discuss this in more detail.

The majority of the section that deals with Jack and the cult in this article is on the last page.  However, they do discuss the cult on several other pages throughout the article.  Here is the link: The Jews for Jesus (and the others too) are out to get your kids


I have belonged to a modern doomsday cult for all of my life.  In the 1980’s, the cult was known as Shoresh Yishai, but the name has changed over the years.  Currently they refer to themselves as the Abensur Family or simply as the Family.  As you probably know, the Family is not the most original name.  The charismatic founder of the cult, Jack Hickman, also known as Abba to his followers, was not the most original cult leader.  Most of the ideas and dogmas that are alive in the cult today he stole from others.  This is rather fitting with his character as he did after all live a parasitic lifestyle.

The cult today is still underground and we as children of the original members were taught from an early age to keep our beliefs a secret.  Most of us were fed a steady diet of fear from our parents and our esteemed cult leader to not speak of our involvement to outsiders or face the unspoken consequences.

That kid in your class with the straight A’s, he might be a cult member.  The oil broker who is rich and helped found the company, he is secretly a member.  Those guys who run the company that handles government contracts to help move people around the world, they aren’t just members, they are the shot callers running the cult since Jack died.

The Family is still around today and has hundreds of secret members.  The current leaders are in the process of consolidating power and I fear that they are headed towards another Jonestown style tragedy.

This site, Modern Doomsday Cult, is my attempt to deal with the damage this caused to me personally and it is also meant to help others from the group to free their minds from this destructive belief system.  I will also be breaking down many of the lies that we were told were true for over thirty years, not to mention the current issues within the group today.