News Article: The Jews for Jesus (and the others too) are out to get your kids

This is an article that was published in 1977 before some of the larger scandals broke.  I would like to point out that even at that point, Lutheran clergymen in the article mention that Jack Hickman used “severe manipulation . . . sometimes leading to pyschological disorder” among those who laid their trust in him.

Jack Hickman always controlled the cult through his favorite tool, fear.  The easiest way to manipulate your followers is to make them afraid and tell them that they only way they will be safe is to do what you tell them to do.  To this day the cult members are controlled through the use of fear.  In upcoming posts I will discuss this in more detail.

The majority of the section that deals with Jack and the cult in this article is on the last page.  However, they do discuss the cult on several other pages throughout the article.  Here is the link: The Jews for Jesus (and the others too) are out to get your kids

9 responses to “News Article: The Jews for Jesus (and the others too) are out to get your kids

  1. Valerie Walker

    Uhhhh – one problem here. Jews for Jesus is not a cult. We go to work, own our homes, raise our kids ourselves (thank you), and vote for whomever we want. Where do you get your information? I encourage you to check out the Jews for Jesus website, or, for a real mind-blowing experience, actually meet one of us. We don’t bite.

    • If you haven’t yet, you may wish to read the introduction post in this blog. This blog has nothing to do with Jews for Jesus. The writers of the article that was posted compared the cult I am linked to with Jews for Jesus. The Abensaur Family cult, formerly called Shoresh Yishai, was started by Jack Hickman and this cult is talked about in “The Jews for Jesus (and the others too) are out to get your kids” article. The Abensaur Family is a nefarious organization that is linked with sexual abuse, violence, and destroying families.

      Members of the Abensaur Family cult also go to work and appear normal to most outsiders. That is one of the reasons they are a secret doomsday cult and not just an out in the open doomsday cult. I will be posting an old news article that explains the major scandals in the 80’s shortly.

    • Dear people from Jews from Jesus,
      The person who created this website/blog is NOT out to get YOU! Please read the article. You will see that OTHER PEOPLE, cult leaders in fact, were using the teachings of the new testament to involve people in sick, nasty, manipulative, and pedophilic acts of abuse. It HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JEWS FOR JESUS. This person on this website is NOT ATTACKING JFJ! Go and do your goods works and let this one go. Seriously. The name of the article is a misnomer.

  2. It is not the 70s anymore and the articles ironically seems fear driven itself. Jews for Jesus is not a club you can join, they do not give out certificates, the only leader they follow is Y’shua in scripture, and they don’t live on a heavily guarded ranch. People who have served with the ministry are not bound to any unreasonable commitments and many outside of the organization have already investigated and found it not to be a cult. They are like most missions organizations like YWAM or even Green Peace. Their purpose and agenda is clearly stated on their website, I hope this information settles any fear you may have had and allows you to investigate the claims of Jesus.

  3. See the reply above. The article was posted to help the younger generation in the cult I grew up in to understand what happened in our past since the Abensaur Family cult, called Shoresh Yishai in the article, can be documented and understood by people who may not have been alive during the scandals of the 70’s and 80’s. I did not post the article to attack Jews for Jesus, they just happen to be part of the article as well.

    Here is a link to the Rick Ross cult forum that deals with the Abensaur Family cult in case you would like more information:,65089,page=1

  4. Is it really “brain washing” techniques? The people laugh, dance, sing while worshiping God. Isn’t that what the Children of Israel did in the Old Testiment? Is it better to be miserable and not be sure about who God is and how He feels about you? I would like top see where the JFJ claim that the 6,000,000 were unredeemed. Maybe instead of getting mad at JFJ and making rash judgements, find out what the fruits of the ministry are?

  5. Valerie Walker

    I understand that your intent was just to post information on the cult in which you were raised. The problem with the article you chose to do that with article is: 1) the title paints Jews for Jesus as a predatory group, which it is not; 2) the heavy-handed negativity of the article is so over-the-top that creates a sort of mental backlash. I mean, as Carrie posts, is there something wrong with dancing and singing? And did you read the part about the “smattering of Orientals”? I’m still giggling. So, thank you to Freckle Face for not wanting me to take any more of my valuable time away from good works. I appreciate the concern, but it would have been ridiculous not to comment.

    • This article was “chosen” because it’s one of the few written. It’s not about religious expiration. This blog is about years of a mental ill man who was a fraud and a pedophile. This has nothing to do with JFJ. This group doesn’t even claim to be part of the JFJ. As an ex member and victim I think it is kind of sad you are missing the point and only focusing on this one comparison made almost 30 years ago. Please read this whole blog. Please don’t make it about your religion or your god. This is about Jack Hickman and his followers. That is all.

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