A History of God: Refuting Jack’s Delusions

It is very difficult to refute the evidence in this video. If you are still in the group I hope you will watch this video.

I found that learning about the historical record was personally very cathartic.

3 responses to “A History of God: Refuting Jack’s Delusions

  1. Completely fascinating! Polytheism explains so so much! I love Yahweh as Aries too.

  2. Hello all. I’m currently completing year 12, and as a compulsory part of our study, we have to undertake a research project. I’ve chosen to do mine on Religious Doomsday Cults, and was hoping that some of you could please answer a few questions that I have? My specific focus question is “Why do people join Doomsday Cults, and how can this impact on their lives?”
    I have to let you know that by answering these questions, you are giving me permission to include the information given in my research, but rest assured that all information will remain confidential at all times.
    1. How old were you when you initially joined a doomsday cult?
    2. How were you approached/ invited to join?
    3. What were your reasons for joining or leaving the cult?
    4. How has being a part of a cult impacted on your life?
    It would be much appreciated if you could respond to me, preferably via this blog!!!

  3. Gurus and their cults are nothing without the fools dancing to their beat.

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