A Brief History Up To 1983: Part Three

As I mentioned, things began to get even more twisted and bizarre.  Jack began practicing a strange new sexual ritual with young men in the cult he called “the passing of the seed.”

The new sexual ritual consisted of Jack and another young man in a dark room together that was lit by candlelight.  The young man would touch Jack’s thigh and Jack would masturbate until he ejaculated onto whichever handsome young man was with him at the time.  They would then collect the semen onto special paper and then burn it like incense.

While the passing of seed masturbatory sessions were going on, a culture of violence began to take hold among the cult.  Many men were beaten within the group for a variety of reasons.  Some say that Jack ordered the beatings, others that he just condoned it.  Either way he never spoke out against them publicly.  In fact, some former members claim to have witnessed his presence at least once at one of the more unusual displays of violence.

Several men were beaten for threatening or insulting Jack.  Others ironically were beaten for perceived inappropriate sexual relationships with women.  Two of the young men given the title of prince by Jack received severe beatings.  It is well known by many of the older cult members that these two men, K. U. and P. R., were beaten for having premarital sex with young women.

P. R. had sex with his fiancé, who Jack disapproved of even before finding out about the sex.  As punishment for be caught having premarital sex, P. R. was shaved from head to toe and beaten by a group with sticks.  Many in the group were into something called a nazirite vow. I believe that this beating was just another perversion of Judaism that was used as an excuse.

Finally in the early 1980’s almost everything came out.  Some of Jack’s sexual relationships with teenage boys were exposed, along with the violence, and the passing of the seed ritual that many of the inner circle had participated in.  Jack justified his taking advantage of teenage boys by claiming that the biblical David and Jonathan had a homosexual relationship that transcended normal love.  His relationship with L. and others was like that according to Jack; it was just too spiritual for outsiders to understand.  His apologist followers parroted this message over and over.  When confronted they still say this to this very day.

Jack’s ejaculation on young men was explained through a twisted version of a story about the biblical Isaac and Jacob.  According to Jack, Isaac shot his semen onto Jacob as a blessing.

It doesn’t actually say any of these things in the Bible.  Jack just claimed that he was given this special understanding from angels or his dead brother who was sent to him by God to explain the real meaning of the Bible.  All the angels or dead brothers couldn’t teach Jack to speak Hebrew though, something he claimed to also have a deep knowledge of.

At one of the final cult services, those who were hurt tried to confront Jack about what he had done.  Rather than show remorse for the pain he had caused others, Jack blew up in anger and threatened members of the group.  He told them that their souls were in danger and that if they rejected him, that they rejected the house of David, were now his enemies, that they were the enemies of God, and were condemned for being on the side of evil.

Many left the cult and still have not completely recovered from the mind rape that they experienced.  Others have never recovered from the sexual abuse.

The press began to investigate Hickman and they interviewed many of those who were involved in the cult.  This resulted in the Foibles of Abba expose.  While many of the children of the group were told not to read it and that it was full of lies, for those with the courage to look at it they were able to find out some of the truth that our parents chose to hide from us.

Once the article was published, Jack realized that he had to flee New York.  Before he left though, he told the last of his faithful followers that it was L. who was guilty of all the transgressions that were blamed on Jack.  L. became Jack’s scapegoat and he was tossed aside.

Jack fled Long Island and went west with a younger man than L., G. his new protégé.  G. was now Jack’s right hand and new personal disciple who eventually became his heir.

7 responses to “A Brief History Up To 1983: Part Three

  1. The next article will be on the years that Jack and Gary lived in hiding.

  2. Can you do a 1984 to present one too? Can we all work together on that one too?

  3. lol. yes, of course.

  4. I was a member in the 70’s and left in 1981. This is a great description of the cult. It would be great if we can all contribute our stories and experiences. J

  5. Diane Frederick (née Rudolph)

    I grew up in this church and watched it become this cult. My father was one of the elders and my marriage ended when my husband chose to stay after all the revelations and I chose to leave. I haven’t thought of all that happened in years but had a dream about it last night and decided to google the name “jack Hickman” today and found your blog. I had no idea he and the group had continued much past the 1996 meeting. Did you ever post articles about the group from 1996-2011. I would be interested to know what happened.

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