I have belonged to a modern doomsday cult for all of my life.  In the 1980’s, the cult was known as Shoresh Yishai, but the name has changed over the years.  Currently they refer to themselves as the Abensur Family or simply as the Family.  As you probably know, the Family is not the most original name.  The charismatic founder of the cult, Jack Hickman, also known as Abba to his followers, was not the most original cult leader.  Most of the ideas and dogmas that are alive in the cult today he stole from others.  This is rather fitting with his character as he did after all live a parasitic lifestyle.

The cult today is still underground and we as children of the original members were taught from an early age to keep our beliefs a secret.  Most of us were fed a steady diet of fear from our parents and our esteemed cult leader to not speak of our involvement to outsiders or face the unspoken consequences.

That kid in your class with the straight A’s, he might be a cult member.  The oil broker who is rich and helped found the company, he is secretly a member.  Those guys who run the company that handles government contracts to help move people around the world, they aren’t just members, they are the shot callers running the cult since Jack died.

The Family is still around today and has hundreds of secret members.  The current leaders are in the process of consolidating power and I fear that they are headed towards another Jonestown style tragedy.

This site, Modern Doomsday Cult, is my attempt to deal with the damage this caused to me personally and it is also meant to help others from the group to free their minds from this destructive belief system.  I will also be breaking down many of the lies that we were told were true for over thirty years, not to mention the current issues within the group today.

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  1. i too belonged to this cult for 10yrs. i left after the 1981(?) ‘meeting’ when when jack was exposed as a fraud and a child molester. i like your website & your intentions. keep it up! the truth about this, is the ‘seed’ that needs to be passed.
    have you visited the rick ross cult site- re:jack hickman? its good, but i think we need ‘our’ own website, like yours.,65089,page=1


    • Rick,

      Thank you for stopping by and for the compliment. I am familiar with the Rick Ross site and check it regularly. The site can be scattered with so many different voices. This site is intended to be easily read and clear. I will be posting part two of a brief history tomorrow.

  2. I am glad to have found this (through a friend)…I belonged to this cult for many years as well and have been healing for many years as well. The fact that they are still functioning is unbelievable, even after the ‘leader’ died and passed on his leadership. They did so much harm to so many for so long and I guess continue to do so. Thanks for the clear, concise discourse on it.

  3. There were so many secrets and deceptions. i hope your blog can be a place where people can share without fear what they know with each other. A place where we can all have a free and open sharing together for the purpose of healing each other and maybe even healing the youth of today. i strongly feel that the Truth will set us Free. Btw, the moderator of rick ross and sallie are a little bit too fascistic IMHO, though i am learning a lot from the postings on that site.

  4. Also Micheal, they’re not too fascistic. They’re hurt, beaten, bruised, and angry on an emotional level. That will take a life time to heal from. You don’t complain someone’s being a whiner if they have a broken leg. Cut them some slack. We all need to vent in our own way.

    • @Pnina: yes, of course, i am all for venting in your own way. But when your way of venting is domineering and makes others shy away from expressing themselves, that for me is being fascistic. Sallie went off on me when i didn’t see things the same way she did. The moderator threatened to remove me for merely asking questions that were important to me. For example, i too am interested in the teachings and other developments and happenings since 1982.

  5. I decided to join the fun. So you should check out
    will be uploading more soon

  6. So is this from the 32 paths course? Did you take this course? If yes, what did you come away with?

    • Pnina Chevallard

      What an interesting question! I believe, if I remember correctly, that I was bleating very loudly with the other sheep. That said (sorry I love making myself giggle), I think I came away with a sense of selfishness. This teaching was supposed to be life changing. Yet in all gods creation, we were chosen?! Pedophiles, rapist, liars, and d-bags (had to be said) We, who hurt others, shunned our fellow man. We, who believed in our greatness, but had nothing but self hate to show for it. We don’t lied ourselves and we lied to god.

  7. Questions (edited).

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